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Professional & Personal
Life Coaching

Professional and personal, individual and group coaching with Dr. Cheryl challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and treat yourself to a new growth experience that you won’t regret!      

One-on-One Life Coaching

Have you ever felt the need for personal guidance and support from a coach who is available to help you map a path to improve your performance, or to encourage you through a challenging period, whether personally or professionally? A coach who is sensitive to your needs, wishes and aspirations and uniquely equipped to assist you in mapping out a successful path to your desired destination?  Are you seeking clarity of purpose?  Wondering why success in your relationships or your professional life has been eluding you?  

Group Coaching

Do you wish to be a participant in a growth producing group with like-minded people, facilitated by a coach who will support and challenge you  to perform at your best and a group which will provide mutual support and accountability for achieving your stated goals? 


Do you wish to be a participant in a group where bonds are developed with the potential for ongoing friendships and partnerships beyond the group? 


Group coaching provides a safe place to find and express your uniqueness, while raising your awareness to untapped potential for more personal and professional fulfillment than you ever thought possible. 


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