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DISC: The Secret Sauce to
Re-Connect, Enhance Your Communication, And ReDISCover Each Other

Valentine’s Day offer for couples. February 14th though February 29 2024.

Valentine’s Day offer for couples. February 14th though February 29.

All assessments and debriefs end by April 30th.  Valued at $400

For couples, married, partnering, engaged, dating, or in any stage of your relationship.

Valentine’s Day is for a day, but the relationship is forever!

Chocolate, roses, a dinner date, toasting with a glass of wine, while sharing a moment of intimacy, are all ways of demonstrating your love and appreciation for that special person in your life. But imagine the lasting effects of knowing your partner’s communication style, as well as your own, to ensure more effective communication. Knowing that you are “heard”, allowing yourself to not just listen, but to truly “hear” that special person, in a different, and meaningful way, maybe for the first time in your relationship, or learning to listen and share in a way that will satisfy your mutual needs, as you begin a new relationship or create an opportunity to re-discover each other!

How AWESOME is THAT???!!!

Do you get frustrated at times when you try to communicate with your partner, but you are not connecting?

How valuable would it be for you to be able to identify your communication style and to recognize the communication style of your spouse, fiancé, partner, or that “special friend”?

Relationships are always evolving. We are always evolving!  When we enter a relationship, it is usually in response to a need that we have, that we want to fulfill, that we want to share with someone; we want to enhance our lives. There are so many reasons, but most of all, it’s because we want to share our lives with someone who we enjoy, someone with whom we can grow together.

So why leave it to chance? Relationships are an investment, so why not consider ALL the ways you can contribute to increase your ROI (return on investment). Good and Effective Communication is essential in ALL relationships.


The DISC Communication/Personality Assessment is a great way to get to know your communication style and to recognize the communication style of that special someone in your life.

Why continue using ineffective ways of communicating, expecting to get new and better results? 

Reserve your seat today! Reconnect, Rekindle, ReDISCover each other for a better ROI!


Meet Your DISC Consultant:
Dr. Cheryl Burton, President/CEO
Cheryl A. Burton Consulting

With 40+ years of experience in the field of personal growth and development,
Dr. Cheryl is adept at accelerating the growth and effectiveness of her clients and helps them find solutions to the unique challenges they encounter. For many, living their dream has become a reality as a result of her coaching expertise.

Schedule Your DISC Couples
Assessment & Debrief (Valued at $400)

Valentine’s Day offer For Couples

Valued at $400

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