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Dr. Cheryl guides her clients in shifting their thinking and raising their awareness of underlying drivers for their behaviors – ultimately helping to replace those behaviors with new ones to foster achievement of professional and personal goals.

About Dr. Cheryl


Dr. Cheryl Burton is the President/CEO of Cheryl A. Burton Consulting, and an Executive Director, coach, speaker, and trainer on The John Maxwell Team. She has been certified by internationally renowned leadership expert, John C. Maxwell and his world-class faculty. She is a coach, trainer and motivational speaker to audiences around the world.


With 40+ years of experience in the field of personal growth and development, Dr. Cheryl is adept at accelerating the growth and effectiveness of her clients and helps them find solutions to the unique challenges they encounter. For many, living their

dream has become a reality as a result of her coaching expertise.


Providing Training and Consulting Services…


In her role as a consultant and trainer, Dr. Cheryl provides guidance for leaders to align their values with their mission, create a diverse and inclusive culture that inspires individual achievement, and empower their teams. Communication assessments, Leadership and Mindset workshops result in improved communication skills, innovative thinking, and creative collaboration. A sense of community pride is developed, with gains in productivity and profitability!


Supporting Personal Growth and Achievement…

In her role as a life coach, she helps clients find a greater sense of purpose, set and achieve personal and professional goals, and remove obstacles on their personal and professional paths. With appropriate tools and increased self-awareness, they soon discover that their dreams can be realized, and they take action to achieve them.  


Speaking, Training and Consulting…

Dr. Cheryl is a sought-after, engaging, inspirational speaker. Whether a guest panelist or giving a "Lunch & Learn" presentation for your company or organization, or a keynote address, her talks challenge your thinking and move your heart. Topics are varied and timely and they arise from her many years of practice and experience; however, they can be customized per client requests.  


Dr. Cheryl's Story… 

Dr. Cheryl took the bold step to leave her humble beginnings in her native Panama to attend college in the U.S. She lived the immigrant experience of sacrificing the proximity of a supportive family to invest in creating a better future for herself, her husband and young daughter. Her persistence and hard work have been rewarded with success, extensive personal growth, and recognition. She maintains a strong desire to help others question and overcome their self-limiting beliefs and she is committed to inspiring others to experience their best self. 


Dr. Cheryl and her husband, Lee, divide their time between New York and their native country of Panama. They are proud parents of their daughter, Nadine Burton-Flanders, and grandparents of their adorable and witty grandson, Makani. 


She is grateful for God’s gifts and uses them to bless others.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

  • Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Social Work

  • Doctorate in Social Work

  • Post Graduate Certification in Psychotherapy

  • Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer 

  • Certified DISC Behavior Analysis Trainer/Consultant 

  • Diversity and Inclusion trainer/consultant.


Dr. Burton has been recognized by many civic and professional groups for her civic and professional contributions and she serves on several non-profit boards.

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