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Personal Coaching - Have you ever felt the need for personal guidance and support from a coach who is available to help you map a path to improve your performance, or to encourage you through a challenging period, whether personally or professionally? A coach who is sensitive to your needs, wishes and aspirations and uniquely equipped to assist you in mapping out a successful path to your desired destination?  Are you seeking clarity of purpose? Wondering why success in your relationships or your professional life has been eluding you?  

Group Coaching - Do you wish to be a participant in a growth producing group with like-minded people, facilitated by a coach who will support and challenge you  to perform at your best and a group which will provide mutual support and accountability for achieving your stated goals?  Do you wish to be a participant in a group where bonds are developed with the potential for ongoing friendships and partnerships beyond the group?  Group coaching provides a safe place to find and express your uniqueness, while raising your awareness to untapped potential for more personal and professional fulfillment than you ever thought possible. 


Dr. Cheryl challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and treat yourself to a new growth experience that you won’t regret!                       



As a licensed clinical social worker and a psychotherapist for over 30 years, with a wide range of experience in various levels of counseling, you can trust Dr. Cheryl to guide you on your personal journey for self-improvement.  Just as we need a physical starting point (“You Are Here”) in order to follow a map to get us to our desired destination, we must also assess our mental/emotional health to determine if we are on the right track to becoming who we would like to be in our personal growth.  Dr. Cheryl will offer you her expert guidance, as she walks alongside you, identifying and supporting your positive attributes, helping you to uncover self-defeating thoughts and actions, raising new awareness and substituting new thoughts and behaviors to enhance your personal and professional growth.


Mastermind Groups:  The power of the mastermind around growth-enhancing values, or principles is like none other!  Facilitated by Dr. Cheryl, you will experience the powerful synergy of the group in deep-dive discussions of principles and values and the intentional application of these to create new and growth-promoting outcomes.             

Speaking Engagements:  Are you seeking a keynote speaker for your organization or business event, who will challenge your audience’s thinking and move their hearts, leaving them energized and motivated to make changes that will benefit them personally as well as the organization? 


Leadership Assessment:  Are you an effective leader?  Are you achieving the results you desire as a leader? How well do you develop your team? Every effective leader knows the importance of self-leadership, and its requirement to effectively lead others.  Dr. Cheryl will assist you with an assessment of the various levels of your leadership and utilize those results to support the areas of strength and develop strategies for improvement.

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Presentations and workshops are custom created to meet specific requests, and based on topics drawn from Dr. Cheryl’s expertise throughout her successful career in the field of mental health and personal growth and development. 


John Maxwell Connection

Dr. Cheryl is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.


The hallmark of my career as a provider of services in personal growth and development is always seeking ways to add to my inventory of skills while investing in my own development, in order that I may meet the unique needs of my clients.  Essentially, I am practicing what I preach!  Self-leadership is a key requirement in effectively leading others.

As a certified coach, trained by John Maxwell, a gifted leader, and world-renowned leadership expert, I add value to others through leadership training and personal development, which complements my work as a psychotherapist.  

Partnering with John and a global team of coaches increases my reach into countries to teach transformational leadership. 




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